We’re fixing aged care

We know from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, and from so many of our own personal experiences, that aged care in Australia has not been up to the standard older Australians deserve.

The Commission’s report found more than 30% of aged care residents had experienced substandard care.

That’s why the Albanese Labor Government is committed to fixing the neglect in the aged care system.

In our first year in office, we have already:

  • put nurses back into nursing homes 24/7 to improve clinical care and to reduce trips to hospital
  • established mandatory minimum of care minutes from 1 October 2023
  • delivered a significant 15 per cent pay rise for the aged care workforce, to properly recognise their vital and often difficult work
  • introduced a star-rating system, to increase choice, accountability and transparency in aged care
  • begun work on an inaugural code of conduct to protect older people
  • capped homecare charges and exit fees to stop the rorting, taking money away from vulnerable seniors
  • and we are enhancing safeguards around the use of restrictive practices so aged care residents are treated with more dignity and respect.

We know there is a long way to go to fix aged care, but we are not wasting a day.