Household Energy Upgrades Fund

The Government is committing to driving down energy costs and helping families and businesses by making their homes and businesses more energy efficient.

The Government’s energy-saving plan includes $1.3 billion to establish the Household Energy Upgrades Fund.

This includes turbocharging finance options for household energy upgrades for more than 110,000 households, via $1 billion to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, as well as $300 million to partner with states and territories to support energy upgrades for around 60,000 social housing properties.

It also features $310 million for the Small Business Energy Incentive to provide small and medium businesses an additional 20 per cent deduction on spending that supports electrification and more efficient use of energy, helping up to 3.8 million small and medium sized businesses with ongoing energy savings.

$36.7 million is being invested to expand and upgrade the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme to apply to existing homes, which means Australians will be able to seek a home energy rating and then make the best choices for their hip pocket when it comes to energy upgrades and renting and purchasing homes.

This funding will also expand and modernise the Greenhouse Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) so that more appliances are covered by energy efficiency ratings.

You can find out more about our energy saving initiatives here: