Delivering Cheaper Childcare

We know that families are feeling the pressure of the rising cost of living.

And we know that for so many, child care costs are a huge part of that.

Back when my three triplets were babies, I remember struggling to get by with a tiny amount of money left over after child care fees had been paid.

That’s why we have increased the Child Care Subsidy starting from July.

We are:

  • Lifting the maximum child care subsidy rate to 90 per cent for families for the first child in care;
  • Increasing child care subsidy rates for every family with one child in care earning less than $530,000 in household income;
  • Keeping higher child care subsidy rates for the second and additional children in care;
  • Extending the increased subsidy to outside school hours care.

We are delivering a big reform, as only Labor Governments do.

It is a reform that is good for children, good for families, and good for Australia.

It means parents – especially mums – can work more paid hours if they want to.

It means more money in the pockets of families. And it means more children can access the benefits of foundational early learning.

Under the Liberal/National Government, fees increased by 49%. We’re driving down out of-pocket costs.

Under our changes a family on a combined income of $120,000 with one child in care will save around $1,700 in the first year of this plan alone.

These changes are delivering more affordable early childhood education and care for around 1.2 million families.

You can calculate your Child Care Subsidy by visiting

I caught up with Education Minister Jason Clare to talk about why Cheaper Childcare is so important for people in Boothby.