Community Battery

We are getting to work on establishing a Community Battery in Boothby in Edwardstown.

These community batteries will help in stabilising the grid, storing excess renewable energy during the daytime for use at night, and of course providing access to cheaper renewable energy for local residents and businesses.

A community battery is a locally shared battery within a community that enables storage of excess rooftop solar generated electricity, which can be used at a later time.

Batteries enable the community to use the stored electricity instead of importing it from the grid. They are about the size of a 4WD and store the equivalent of around 25-45 average household batteries.

Community batteries support renewable generation by providing more energy storage to deliver secure and affordable energy for Australian households and businesses.

Community batteries:

  • lower electricity bills
  • reduce pressure on the electricity grid for the broader community
  • contribute to lower emissions
  • store solar energy for later use or sharing and support further solar installations
  • allow households that cannot install solar panels to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy through shared community storage
  • acts a grid-stabiliser by absorbing excess energy that might otherwise cause voltage spikes in the grid

Stay tuned for more on this project coming to Boothby soon!

Proposed location for installation - community land located over a portion of 48 Dumbarton Avenue, Edwardstown